Video Poker - Time to face reality

You must have seen people praying in front of video poker interface online. Some people go as far as to clutch rosary beads in their hands while pressing the big button online. This happens especially in case of lottery based games where luck is more important.

What people fail to understand that online games like Video Poker are just a bunch of command lines running on your computer screen and thats it. You need to straighten out the following things about video poker:

Video poker is a software program and nothing more or less than that.

The computer is not able to comprehend your prayers or frowns or tears in front of the monitor screen. If it was true, then your spreadsheet would have looked a lot better after 2 hours of rituals and chanting.

Games like video poker work on limitless and countless randomizations. This has been a strict requirement by the Nevada Gaming Commission so online casinos have to abide by it. No one is controlling any patterns or payouts.

You are not the only one with these twisted ideas. It all started in the 1980s and it has been going on since then. New technology sometimes baffles brains and brawns.

Computer based games like video poker, slots, blackjack and poker generate positive results after knowing your strategy and timing.

Hope that this article cleared a few ambiguities and notched you up on sanity levels.

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